Charlotte’s Quilted Maple Concert Uke

This uke started as a one of a kind project.  On a trip to the valley (Western Oregon) I stopped by my favorite family owned sawmill, Hardwood Components. I had driven by their sign with a giant spinning sawblade for many years before stopping in and when I did I wished I had earlier.  One of my favorite things about stopping by Hardwood Components is that all of their wood is local.  On this trip I found a gorgeous piece of Western Big Leaf maple with amazing quilted figure.  I let it rest in my shop for many months before choosing a section to book match for this uke.  I laminated the book matched set to a piece of African Mahogany and bound the edge with white plastic binding to frame the amazing figure of the maple.  A maple neck with rosewood fingerboard finished off the build, but that was just the start of this uke’s story.  At Uke U 6 Charlotte came by my booth several times to visit and each time this uke called out to her.  On the last day of the festival with only hours left she decided that she couldn’t go home without it.  This awesome uke found its with Charlotte and she’s been treating it some Dylan tunes. Hope to see and hear it again soon!

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