TFL17 – Tenor Electric Ukulele

Our Flagship model, the TFL17 Tenor electric ukulele does it all.  Whether you want to rock out and take your uke to eleven or play sweet reggae vibes, this uke will take you where no other uke will.  With a standard 17″ scale length and 19 frets, there is plenty of room for big fat chords, or shredding all the way up the neck and the contoured body feels great for a long set.  

The TFL17 comes standard with a custom wound set of Joyner Soapbar Ukulele pickups designed and built by Warp Core pickups in Redmond, Oregon (right next to Bend).  With a selector switch, volume, and tone control, you can dial in a variety of tones.  Pair that with your favorite amp and the sky is the limit.  The pickups are hum canceling in the middle position so even if the power isn’t great, your uke will still sound sweet.  

Standard options for the body are walnut and mahogany, but there are more options available for this uke than any other that we build. Want a single pickup for a simple no frills uke? No problem.  How about a master grade koa top?  Absolutely.  Want us to design a custom uke with a whammy bar for you?  Yeah, we’ve done that.  Ok, but what about a 5 string baritenor uke with a matching bookmatched top and headstock veneer, laminated to a walnut body with a holly accenty stripe.  Been there.  Done that.  (check out Jared’s Baritenor Uke).

Starting at $850

These instruments are built to order and take 6-8 weeks to complete.
Price includes FREE SHIPPING in the continental U.S.



  • 17″ Scale Length
  • 1 5/16″ Width at Nut
  • 1 1/16″ String Spacing at Nut
  • 1 5/16″ String Spacing at Bridge
  • 26″ Overall Length
  • 1 3/8″ Body thickness
  • 19 Frets
  • One piece bolt on maple neck standard, mahogany available
  • Rosewood fretboard standard, ebony available



  • Contoured body
  • String through body 
  • 2 custom Warp Core single coil pickups RWRP for humbucking
  • Volume and Tone control with chrome knobs standard
  • 3 way pickup selector switch for neck, bridge, or both pickups
  • Grover ukulele tuners
  • 1/4″ Output jack
  • Steel strings with low G tuning (GCEA)

Well all thats good, but what can you do with one?  Here ya go:

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