This gallery features some our favorite custom and one of a kind projects from over the years.  Click on a project to learn more about the build and to see more pictures.

JI029- Erin's Tenor Uke

JI029 was built for the talented Erin Coburn.  It features an all new custom bridge with whammy bar and a sweet koa top.

JI023- Marius' Tenor Uke

JI023 was built for Marius, while he spent the year traveling the world. It features a 7 layer “hippie sandwich” body.

JI022 - Jared's Baritenor Uke

JI022 is one of the more interesting projects I have taken on.  A 5 string “Baritenor” uke tuned DGCEA with a killer koa top.

JI016 - Chen's Pineapple Uke

JI016 was built to rock out!  Chen requested this custom concert scale pineapple to play with his Uke Punk Band, Disposable.

JI021 - Blaine Dillinger' Tenor Uke

JI022 was built for Blaine Dillinger, guitarist for HIRIE.  It spends its nights playing to 100’s of fans.

JI016 - Melissa's Baritone Uke

JI016 was built for Melissa Nanen. She requested a uke with a whammy bar and we made it happen.

JI013 - Uke U 6 Donation Build

JI013 was a special build that was raffled at Uke U 6 to raise money for RiseUp.

JI008 - Tanya's Swamp Koa Tenor

JI013 was built for Tanya, a friend who fell in love with this spectacular koa board.

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